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Sonex 1526 has been seriously damaged in Chichester Goodwood hangar collapse - see below


This site details the construction of a Sonex (plans number 1526.) The build is taking place on the south coast of England between Chichester and Brighton.

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Current Status

  • Now flown - seriously damaged in hangar collapse

11 July 2016

Before testing could continue this year G-CIDP/Sonex 1526 and 12 other aircraft were seriously damaged in the storm between 27 and 28 March 2016 when the temporary hangar housing it at Chichester Goodwood collapsed. While this is repairable it will require the replacement of many skins, tail tips and both the canopy and windshield. G-CIDP had been moved out into the temporary hangar a couple of weeks before the collapse for the Goodwood Members Meeting but had not been returned to a hard standing hangar even though 70mph wind had been forecast.

Pictures of the damage can be found here.

21 October 2015

  • Carburetor heat system responsible for lack of RPM on the AeroVee. Returning to the plans design gives normal RPM.
  • Trim tab requires installed and left flap lowered to achieve more balanced flight.

10 October 2015

  • First flight! Problems achieving anything above static RPM at the moment. Video

August 2015

  • Signed off by inspector - paperwork to go to LAA for Permit to Test
  • Set up final control deflections to comply with LAA paperwork
  • Weighed, and weight and balance completed
  • Fuel flow checked
  • Did some taxing tests, and higher speed runs on Goodwood's runway
  • Applied registration decals to the fuselage side
  • Made registration plate

June/July 2015

  • Wings, tail, and all control surfaces now installed at airfield.
  • Setting up control surface travel, greasing rod end bearings, installing cotter pins, and ensuring sufficient thread engagement of rod end bearings with control rods.
  • Replaced needle in AeroCarb with 2.5 size and tuned engine

May 2015

  • Debugging problems with fuel gauge - it seems that there is no voltage change from sender. Probing around inside sender box has found an alternate connection point which will now be used to feed a signal to the Arduino.
  • Some tidying of wiring and installation of pads to tie cables to.
  • Radio check with tower.
  • Elevator travel is now fixed. It appears that the hole for the stick assembly in the seat needed slight expansion to allow enough backward travel.
  • Awaiting wing painting / delivery.

Feb-Apr 2015

  • Currently awaiting completion of painting of the wings.
  • Cowl has been properly installed, and aircraft filled with some Avgas, ready to do some engine tuning.
  • Currently tweaking elevator travel.
  • Battery connected.
  • Progress has been limited for most of March, due to an event at Goodwood, and relocation to another hangar with limited space for working.

Dec/Jan 2014/2015

  • Fuselage has been painted (RAL9016 white), and delivered to Chichester/Goodwood for final assembly. Wings to follow. The original intention was to locate at Shoreham, but for LAA types, this is now really impractical, both due to lack of available hangar space, and the inability to do any kind of assembly or maintenance work on the airfield. The current state of Shoreham Airport is now unfortunately quite dismal, with the only remaining hangar building desperately in need of significant reconstruction, and the terminal building literally falling apart.
  • Horizontal & Vertical tail attachment mostly complete, except for fairings, and a few tailwheel bolts.

Extra tasks completed before painting/airfield

  • Install NACA duct for carb heat mounted intake in cowl
  • Preparation of fibreglass components for painting - filling joins from factory mould halfs + orbital sanding of filler and gelcoat
  • Installation of electronic horizon, and mounting of associated AHRS solid state gyro module and display unit.
  • Drill 2 remaining witness holes in aileron control rod end bearings
  • Clean any Duralac overspill from rivet heads, in preparation for painting

Oct/Nov 2014

  • Finished installation of carb heat system and cockpit control, essentially to Sonex plans
  • Tidy of some wiring to prevent chafing
  • Enclosed avionics bus in plastic housing to prevent accidental shorting against ground
  • Set up neutral position for tail wheel
  • Filling rivet heads to reduce leaking - in progress
  • Installed carpet in baggage area
  • Filled join lines in fibreglass wheel fairings and sanded filler flush

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